A Guide To Parenting When Going Through A Divorce

Going through a divorce is never an enjoyable experience. There’s always bound to be a great deal of stress and emotional turmoil involved; feelings which are exacerbated by legal disputes as you and your partner begin halving your possessions. However, you can’t allow any legal battles to make you lose sight of one very important fact- it’s you that’s getting a divorce, not your children.

Parenting at this time is notoriously tough, as you need to offer your children a certain sense of reassurance, while also trying to keep them away from the divorce proceedings. When children are involved, it’s imperative that your divorce runs as smoothly as possible, so that they don’t end up getting caught in the middle and ultimately end up feeling guilty about the whole situation.

We always recommend seeking legal advice when going through a divorce; but, for now, we’ve put together some top tips on parenting throughout this difficult time.

Have Some Fun With Them

As we’ve previously said, divorce proceedings are never going to be enjoyable. There can be all kinds of legal complications involved, which only grow more convoluted as you continue to argue with your ex-partner. However, as a parent, it’s imperative that you don’t forget to have a little fun with your children at this point.

No matter how tricky your divorce is proving to be, you need to do your best to keep your children away from it all. The most effective way to do this is to play games with them, take them on trips they’ll enjoy, and so forth. This should by no means turn into a competition between you and your ex- instead, this is your way of showing your children that everything will be okay.

Ultimately, connecting with your children like this will make the divorce much easier on all of you.

Implement A Routine

For many divorces, one of the biggest concerns is the custody of any children. First and foremost, you need to make sure these new arrangements (whatever they may be) provide them with a routine they can grow accustomed to. If things turn a little ad-hoc and the children are never quite sure where they’ll be staying the next night, then this will ultimately make life too chaotic for them.

This is why it’s so important for your solicitor to make sure that any custody arrangements are clear as water, so that everyone involved knows exactly what’s going to happen without any ambiguity.

Make The Decisions Yourself

When going through a divorce, some parents will actually ask their children who they would like to stay with, rather than coming to an agreement between themselves. You might think that this is a fantastic way to make sure your children are happy with the outcome of your divorce, but the fact is that asking a child to make such a big decision is just too much pressure.

Although you might feel as though you’re doing the right thing, asking your children to answer such a question is essentially a way of passing the buck. You need to decide their future between yourself and your ex-partner, because they’ll end up struggling with guilt no matter who they choose to stay with.

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Video Courts Are Revolutionising the UK’s Justice System

The use of video technology in the courtroom has grown substantially in recent months, as the government seeks to modernise the justice system once and for all.

By embracing technological advancements, court proceedings look set to take on a level of convenience and efficiency rarely seen within the legal system. Of course, this is an idea we’re very much on board with here at LawOn, as we’re making it easier than ever to obtain free legal advice through our innovative app.

But the use of video in court is nothing new. Since the Access to Justice Act of 1999, video conferencing has been implemented throughout a range of civil hearings, allowing witnesses to give their testimony from a remote location rather than having to physically appear in the courtroom.

This technology has also been used within child care cases, offering high levels of flexibility to ensure expert witnesses are able to provide their evidence and that court proceedings are less likely to become hampered by witness shortages.

However, while video technology might not be a brand-new addition to the courtroom, it’s the evolution of this technology that has really accelerated over the past few months.

At the start of the year, it was reported that the first “fully digital’ divorce application had been submitted in the UK, while video is also being used in criminal cases to allow witnesses to give evidence without having to come face-to-face with the accused.

In short, all of this is building towards video-exclusive courtrooms, where court proceedings can be conducted solely via video. Of course, this could only be implemented in certain cases, but the first video courts are already on their way.

As part of a pilot scheme, people will be able to participate in tax hearings without having to set foot inside a courtroom. They’ll be able to communicate with a judge from a remote location, while the judge will be situated in the courtroom for the duration of the pilot. This new initiative will only appeal to tax appeal cases for now, but it’s great to see that steps are being taken to finally modernise court proceedings.

The use of video courts ensures that court proceedings are more efficient and convenient for all parties involved, while also saving people time and money as they obviously won’t have to make their way to a courtroom.

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How Solicitors Can Benefit From Using Our App

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Generate More Leads

Our app provides solicitors with an effective platform to generate leads and connect with new clients. You’re able to receive and respond to enquiries received directly through the app, with potential clients checking out your ratings and reviews before contacting you. This means that clients are able to find the right solicitor to answer their enquiry, while solicitors are able to find the right clients.

This level of transparency ultimately leads to a more honest, efficient experience, with the app acting as the perfect platform for you to showcase your skills and abilities. When it comes to finding potential new clients, life has never been so simple.

Improve Your Efficiency

Finding and communicating with clients can often prove to be an incredibly time-consuming process, so you’ll be pleased to know that our app is dedicated to improving your efficiency as a solicitor. You’re able to respond to queries and messages within a matter of moments, speeding up the entire process and wasting no time at all in offering a free consultation.

On that note, consultations themselves can eat up a lot of time in current practise, with many clients going over their allocated time slot and leaving you to re-plan the rest of your day. Obviously, this isn’t the ideal way to operate.

Fortunately, our app gives you the chance to change all that, because each consultation is restricted to just 20 minutes. Whether you’re speaking over the phone or via video chat, you no longer have to worry about consultations overrunning and hampering the rest of your day!

Make Life More Convenient

Since business will be conducted via our app, this means that lawyers are given the facility to deal with legal queries when and where it suits them.

This level of flexibiltiy is the true beauty of the LawOn app, as lawyers and clients alike are now able to work around times that are convenient for everyone involved. No longer will you feel restricted by your office hours or busy schedule. Instead, you can now connect with clients at a time that fits in with the rest of your day and, ultimately, makes life much more convenient.

Embrace the Future

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Everything You Need To Know About Our LawOn App

Tracking down a good lawyer has always been something of a tricky task, especially if you’ve never had the need to seek legal advice in the past. This feeling of stumbling around in the dark could not only cause high levels of stress and frustration, it could actually lead to many people giving up on their search for legal advice altogether.

At LawOn, we say enough is enough: which is exactly why we’ve developed an innovative mobile app to help you in your search for expert legal advice. But how does it all work?

Simplicity At Its Finest

LawOn is here to make your search for legal advice as smooth and convenient as possible. Our mobile app gives you an easy way of asking legal questions, consulting with expert lawyers and the ability to choose the best lawyer to take on your case.

All you have to do is enter your legal query into the app, and you’ll be consulted by one of our SRA regulated solicitors completely free of charge. Through the app, you can speak with multiple solicitors and select the best person to represent you; you can even send relevant documents through the app before your free consultation, so that you can obtain the most effective legal advice possible.

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Our app will be available on both iOS and Android devices, meaning that your gateway to expert legal advice will always be just a tap of the finger away. Nestled nicely between all of your social media, video streaming and instant messaging apps, finding the right legal advice has never been easier than it is with LawOn.

What Does LawOn Cost?

There’s no need to worry about reaching for your cheque book; the LawOn app is absolutely free. We’re offering you the chance to gather free answers to your legal queries and free 15-minute consultations, with each query being answered within 2-3 hours. If you require further advice, then we’ll even give you a free quote so that you can decide whether or not to proceed with your chosen lawyer.

How Do I Get The App?

The LawOn mobile app is due for release later in 2018, and we’ll have more news on that front over the coming weeks. For now, you’re able to enter your details and sign up for early access, so that you don’t have to wait quite so long to start asking for legal advice! We’ll then send you a notification as soon as the LawOn app is released and you can make sure you’re amongst the first users to try it out.

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