How Solicitors Can Benefit From Using Our App


Later this year, the LawOn app is set to be released on both Android and iOS mobile devices, as we seek to revolutionise the way in which clients connect with law firms. By offering clients a convenient way to find and communicate with some of the best solicitors around, we’re making it easier than ever to obtain free legal advice.

But our innovative app doesn’t just help those seeking legal advice, because it also provides the solicitors themselves with a whole host of fantastic benefits. As a solicitor, it’s time to embrace the new technology and use it to your advantage, because our app offers a level of convenience and ease never before seen in the law industry.

Generate More Leads

Our app provides solicitors with an effective platform to generate leads and connect with new clients. You’re able to receive and respond to enquiries received directly through the app, with potential clients checking out your ratings and reviews before contacting you. This means that clients are able to find the right solicitor to answer their enquiry, while solicitors are able to find the right clients.

This level of transparency ultimately leads to a more honest, efficient experience, with the app acting as the perfect platform for you to showcase your skills and abilities. When it comes to finding potential new clients, life has never been so simple.

Improve Your Efficiency

Finding and communicating with clients can often prove to be an incredibly time-consuming process, so you’ll be pleased to know that our app is dedicated to improving your efficiency as a solicitor. You’re able to respond to queries and messages within a matter of moments, speeding up the entire process and wasting no time at all in offering a free consultation.

On that note, consultations themselves can eat up a lot of time in current practise, with many clients going over their allocated time slot and leaving you to re-plan the rest of your day. Obviously, this isn’t the ideal way to operate.

Fortunately, our app gives you the chance to change all that, because each consultation is restricted to just 20 minutes. Whether you’re speaking over the phone or via video chat, you no longer have to worry about consultations overrunning and hampering the rest of your day!

Make Life More Convenient

Since business will be conducted via our app, this means that lawyers are given the facility to deal with legal queries when and where it suits them.

This level of flexibiltiy is the true beauty of the LawOn app, as lawyers and clients alike are now able to work around times that are convenient for everyone involved. No longer will you feel restricted by your office hours or busy schedule. Instead, you can now connect with clients at a time that fits in with the rest of your day and, ultimately, makes life much more convenient.

Embrace the Future

The age of digital is well and truly upon us, and it’s time for solicitors all over the UK to embrace the new technology. The LawOn app has the potential to revolutionise the way in which the law industry functions, and we’re offering you an incredible opportunity to get ahead of the game.

We’re compiling a comprehensive team of the best solicitors in the country, as we seek to offer free legal advice in all aspects of property law, family law and consumer law. We’ll also be dealing with wills & probate and personal injury law.

If you’re a skilled solicitor proficient in any of those areas, then it’s time to seize this opportunity and get on board with the new trend as early as possible. Likewise, we’re also looking to bring on solicitors that are experts in other areas of law, so that we can continue on our path to offering free legal advice in these areas as well.

As the UK’s leading free legal advice app, we’re offering you the incredible chance to embrace the future. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved in this exciting new venture!