Key Virtual Changes in Family Law Processes – What to Know

Judge's courtroom

As the Covid-19 pandemic has forced homes and businesses into a “new normal”, family law is not far behind. Though some changes have brought about devastating consequences, others have created potentially positive effects on the way we go about our day-to-day. As mediating family matters have moved to digital spaces, the Internet has opened up new opportunities for online legal advice.

Basic Virtual Contact

As video conferencing is nothing new to businesses that have previously incorporated remote work into their operations, families seeking legal services can just as easily connect in the same way. Whether individually or in a group, video calling can create a sense of normalcy for families who would’ve otherwise been undergoing the process in an office or courtroom.

Virtual Mediation

As the lockdown continues to restrict movement for thousands of families and business owners, virtual mediation has allowed legal professionals to advise families regarding issues of divorce, children of separation, and other matters in an amicable way. Virtual mediation has provided families with the safety of remaining in their homes without having to compromise existing legal matters too drastically. In fact, clients can reach out to legal professionals more conveniently and in a more comforting environment. Children can also easily take part in discussions without having to be shuttled to and from an office.

Virtual Divorce

The Coronavirus has seen a drastic increase in UK divorces, leading to a massive spike in divorce enquiries as families are forced to isolate together. As for couples seeking divorce before the quarantine, many have been able to continue the process over platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. Despite the restrictions, virtual divorce has given couples flexibility, removed the need for travel, and even instilled an emotional cushion by communicating with lawyers individually.

Virtual Marriage

To avoid having to postpone costly weddings or cancel them entirely, many couples have been turning to online ceremonies using conference tools. In most countries, couples have been permitted to apply for marriage licenses online, with some putting off ceremonies towards the winter season. Similarly, throughout April and May, we’ve seen the rise of micro-weddings, which are limited to gatherings of 30 people.

Next Steps in Family Law

As lockdown measures slowly ease up and the government works to re-open the country, thousands of satisfied clients remain keen on using virtual tools to accomplish their objectives in seeking legal help in Manchester. For example, virtual arbitration, a form of dispute resolution, has proven its success online as the process is easily streamlined and achievable even when fully remote.


Despite lockdown restrictions slowly alleviating, Family Courts still have to deal with a considerable backlog of requests and cases. To ease some of the pressure, legal professionals continue to turn to virtual solutions to efficiently continue their services and meet looming deadlines.

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